A History Of Your Mind – Lies, Subversion, & Enslavement


Let’s explore a history of your mind.

You were born head first into a cavalcade of shifting lights, colors, and sounds. But, more importantly, you were born into a preexisting framework of ideas, values, prejudices and proclivities.

Being a blank slate the world around you was free to inscribe itself upon your psyche.

From a startlingly young age you were shipped off to state sanctioned schools where your mind was to be manipulated with great skill. The formal classroom was less a beacon of knowledge or a studied pursuit of truth but instead it was an internment camp for your creativity. There the aim was to kill any vestiges of imagination and ingenuity that you may have been harboring within. Alternative ideas, theories, and postulations were disregarded, downplayed, and even downright attacked. Their aim was to make good little consumers. They will not tolerate heretics.

Your indoctrination continued unabated through to university where you were taught to treat intellectual insanity as if it were self evident. Base depravity was heralded as some sort of victorious progress of the sexes.

But what good is your progress if it’s only product is neutered weakness and degenerate apostasy? What good is your education if it’s teachings rot your intellect and sterilize your individual sovereignty.

Our schools are not intended to strengthen or liberate the mind, but rather to subjugate it, bringing it into strict accord with what has been predetermined to be acceptable.

The media in tandem furthers your educational derangement subliminally slipping in covert messages, ideas, and themes into shows, movies, magazines, websites and last but definitely not least, the news.

The media conglomerations working conjointly with international NGO’s, special interest groups and, above all, government agencies, toil eternally to further shape your perceptions to their own ends and to that of their constituents.

If any independent free thinking individual raises their voice above the insulting droning din of the mass mainstream media, they are increasingly censored and shot down. Seeking to insure either their silence or to ruin them with unjust vilification in the sphere of public opinion.


The reasoning is clear.

Lies fear truth.

Propaganda fears free thought

Tyranny fear free men.

From the very beginning your mind has been intentionally mismanaged, mislead and misinformed. It is any wonder that anyone eventually claws their way out of this pit of intellectual bondage into the clean clear light of honest truth.

After an entire lifetime of lies how can you begin to know what is true? How can you know who or what to trust?

Unfortunately, you can not implicitly trust anyone with your truth. Nor should you want to.

Many spread falsities unknowingly, acting as a pawns propagating propaganda.

The political term, useful idiots, is relevant here. A useful idiot is a person who is unaware that they are being used and manipulated to further anothers, often nefarious, cause.

Every single one of us, myself included, has fallen into that misguided designation at one time or another. You do not know what you do not know.

With billions upon billions of dollars funneled into your obfuscation the truth can be tricky to ferret out.

So, what are you to do?

A choice is before you. You must choose whether to remain asleep, pleasantly dreaming while legitimate nightmares stalk outside your door, or, to wake up. And, with sober solemn eyes gaze unflinchingly into the abyss. You must decide whether to face the world as it is or to continue living a lie.

To choose truth is a monumental undertaking.

You must be the one face in the crowd looking up, while those around you continue to shield their eyes. You must break the shackles of group think and tear away from the modern mob mentality.

How do you facilitate this mental transformation?

You need only one tool to begin.

The simple question.

Question everything.

There is no appeal to authority here. Because, there is no authority above that of the independent liberated mind.

To passively consume the thoughts, opinions, and ideas of others without first subjecting them to an exhaustive gauntlet of reasoning, deduction, and critical introspection, in order to deduce the validity of their words, is to make yourself a prostrate submissive slave to the minds and wills of others.

Everyone has an agenda. Deducing what that agenda is is imperative to your enlightenment.

My agenda is to help you, help yourself. Because I believe in you, even though I may not know you and may never know you. I believe in you because there is no limit to what man can achieve if he only discards his self imposed limitation and dares to dream. Every human is capable of transcendence, and of new and awe inspiring heights.

How long will we toil in squalor while riches await us? How long will we demean and insult ourselves to the benefit of the other?

The agenda of those close to you is likely much the same, in large part to help you. Though you can not discount the fact that they, as well as myself, may unknowingly spread poor or down right false information. It may not be intentional, but that doesn’t make it any less destructive. Unintentional harm is still deleterious.

I don’t want you to trust me. You shouldn’t trust me. There is no point in trading one mouth piece for another.

Instead, I would like you to listen to what I have to say and then reflect on its merits and value and to carefully arrive at your own conclusions. I simply wish to present ideas.

The media has their own agendas as well. Their goal is almost always to advance a specific narrative.

It is worth noting here that 90% of media is owned by just 6 companies. Just 6 voices that get to decide what is true on the national and international stage.

It is further worth mentioning that government agencies have been outed in the past for manufacturing news stories in order to manipulate public opinion. The same state manipulation of alleged facts effects movies, TV, print and even history itself.

The often repeated line, “history is written by the winners” is startlingly true.

There is immense power in the retelling of the past. The power to reshape the present and guide the future. The power to change our entire identity and civilization itself. Their hold on that power mustn’t be tested.

They label anyone who questions the official narrative a conspiracy theorist. This is a ploy to immediately shut down and intellectually discredit someone on the public stage, without having to actually grapple with the validity of their argument.

It’s deployed as a catch-all smear by scared gate keepers to silence simple questions. There is danger in the right questions.

The governments agenda is to shift your opinion to whatever suits their end goal at that time. Be it war, restrictions, or the very forfeiture of your freedom.

Know what agenda is shaping someones narrative.

Discern their true purpose.

From that, you can glean how much weight you wish to give their words.

Question everything.

Question your most long held and cherished beliefs.

Comb through each one logically and methodically, examining it’s origin, it’s merits, and ultimately, it’s truth.

There is no telling what unnoticed seed was planted long ago and by whom.

Regularly re-examine your opinions and assumptions. Discard those that have become outdated, useless, or even harmful. As we grow and develop so too does our understanding. Often we retain obsolete ideas.

It is important to note here, that I do not mean outdated in regards to old or of a traditionalist bent. But instead I refer to those that have lagged behind your ever evolving grasp of the matters at hand, those that have become eclipsed by your expanding knowledge and wisdom.

Of equal, perhaps greater, importance is to free yourself from the incessant blathering of the untamed brain.

By the time we are 35, 95% of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are already ingrained. 90% of the thoughts you have today are the same thoughts you had yesterday and the day before that. We live anchored in the past, into old thought patterns, and patterns of pain that seek to reopen and relive old wounds, grievances and insults. You can not think old thoughts, speak old opinions and live old cycles and hope to attain anything other than your current lot.

It isn’t any wonder that people have trouble escaping the past when mentally, they’ve never left it.

The key is to relax into the present moment.

Do not fight your thoughts but instead quietly observe them. Study the emotions that arise without passing judgement.

You will quickly realize that you, the real you, exists beyond the repetitive thoughts and knee jerk reactions that define the cycles of the untrained brain.

There is thought, and then there is you. You are not the thought. You are the consciousness beyond the thought. This is a liberating realization.

You are not a human experiencing consciousness but rather you are consciousness experiencing a human. The distinction between the two could not be more vast.

You are the stillness beyond the storm.

The more time you spend dedicated to the practice of becoming the observer the quieter and quieter the observed will grow.

One day you will realize that the incessant destructive chatter has gone silent. Yet, the stillness remains.

You still have thoughts, but they are directed and with purpose. They are creative, constructive and conducive to your aims.

The unobserved brain inhabits the regret of the past and the fear of the future. However, both the past and the future do not exist, for all intents and purposes, except within your own head.

It refuses the present because it can not exist in the present. To be fully in the now is to destroy mechanical thought. You will only ever exist in the present, the question is if you’re going to live there as well. Past and future are thought constructs. Now is all there is.

When you exist in reflex driven thought constructs you are prone to being ruled over by your own dysfunctional emotional out bursts. Your life has become one long reaction with no intention.

The media and the government know this and adeptly exploit this. Should you begin to view their stories analytically you’ll quickly see that they are manufactured to elicit strong emotional responses in the unwitting. The emotion they provoke, over rides your critical faculties, keeping you in a perpetual state of reflex driven hypnosis.

Do not fall into this trap. They will lead you into war with nothing more than manufactured outrage and a thirst for profit and plunder.

The only manipulation that can be perpetrated against you, is the one you allow to happen.

You need not allow such transgressions and derision’s of truth to invade your mental space.

The vigilant critical mind, is one not easily swayed or swindled. As long as man can still think and reason he is not lost.

Going forward, seek out alternative media and news that is not controlled by the big 6. Compare the alternative against the main stream. It may not give you the absolute truth but it can highlight the narrational disparity.

Vladimir Vasiliev said, “the more quality books you read, the less you can be manipulated.”

Read voraciously from many different sources, view points, and narratives. Although tech giants purge controversial ideas and information from their platforms it is harder to simply delete a physical book. You can not endlessly edit the narrative to coincide with the ever shifting goal posts of supposed acceptability on a tangible sheet of paper.

There is a degree of permanency once printed.

However it is not unheard of for texts to be manipulated well after the fact, in reprintings, with not so much as a word to the reader on the dishonest presentation of the work. As always, tread carefully.

Listen to a wide variety of different speakers and lecturers. Open your mind to all viewpoints. Not because they are correct but because you can know yourself by knowing what you are not. Further more, your rivals true intentions will inevitably revel themselves by their words as well as their actions.

Though we may lack the same means, be born to different worlds, speak divergent tongues and enjoy different skills, our thoughts can be equally unbound. If we only dare to shed our mental shackles for intellectual liberty.

The truly free man is not only free in body, but also, free in mind. If your thoughts remain subjugated than you are still living in slavery. Free yourself. No one else can do it for you. This is your journey.

Remember, a single idea can rewrite the entire world.

Stop starring at shadows and turn into the light.

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