A History Of Your Mind – Lies, Subversion, & Enslavement

  Let’s explore a history of your mind. You were born head first into a cavalcade of shifting lights, colors, and sounds. But, more importantly, you were born into a preexisting framework of ideas, values, prejudices and proclivities. Being a blank slate the world around you was free to inscribe itself upon your psyche. From a startlingly young age you were shipped off to state sanctioned schools where your mind was to be manipulated with great skill. The formal classroom was less a beacon of knowledge or a studied pursuit of truth but instead it was an internment camp for …

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Reclaim Your Body – Why The Modern World Is Killing You

Weight Training

  From the moment you are born, you are given a choice. A choice between life and death. The nexus of which balances precariously on the fulcrum of your decisions. Through proper action and felicitous intentional thought the point of balance shifts, tipping the scales towards your growth and development. However, if you instead choose to flounder in stupidity, apathy, and fear, then the scales move contrary and ruin will befall you. In this life, we have just this one body. This one corporeal construct ferries the spark of our spirit between the cradle and the grave. It is the …

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Why We Fail – The Real Reason Most People NEVER Reach Greatness

Most people do not want to be exceptional. They don’t want to be extraordinary or remarkable or a master of anything. They may think that they do. But they don’t. Not really. What people really like is the idea of greatness. It’s an idea they can play with and mentally entertain. They can turn it over and over in their head, fantasizing about it, about what it would be like to be a great leader, a talented virtuoso or a brilliant luminary. But, that’s where the dream ends, in their head. In order for someone to transcend themselves, their mediocrity, …

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