Reclaim Your Body – Why The Modern World Is Killing You

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From the moment you are born, you are given a choice. A choice between life and death. The nexus of which balances precariously on the fulcrum of your decisions.

Through proper action and felicitous intentional thought the point of balance shifts, tipping the scales towards your growth and development.

However, if you instead choose to flounder in stupidity, apathy, and fear, then the scales move contrary and ruin will befall you.

In this life, we have just this one body.

This one corporeal construct ferries the spark of our spirit between the cradle and the grave.

It is the movement in the breadth between these two transitory experiences that define us.

Much in this world seeks to degrade and significantly abridge that breadth.

Temptation lures us into vice instead of virtue, wasting away our existence on drugs, drink, and dalliance. The last being the most insidious. For it frivols away our most precious ever-dwindling commodity…time.

Squandering our existence on trivial waste.

All that is not virtue is vice.

Vice makes us weak, and weakness breeds vice.

There is no value in weakness, except in its transcendence.

The only inherent value is strength. Strength of mind and body. Strength of character and will. All else is error.

Reclaim your body.

Reclaim your body from the perils and pitfalls of a modern society that has grown antithetical to your evolution.

This current world tears us further and further from what we are, from who we are. We have forgotten ourselves becoming a species with amnesia. We gaze into the cold clear mirror and find a stranger staring back.

As children we are plucked from our mother’s breast, pumped full of poisons, and programmed in the image of a captured and corrupted state.

Beaten, broken, with a head swimming in lies we are figuratively chained to cubicles and production lines in the hopes of eventually clawing out of the perpetual cycle of debtors slavery that is not a flaw of ours system, but instead its key feature.

We have become like a farrow crated sow. The powers that be suckling off of our labor and our lives until the milk of our toil runs dry.

The plan and plot is for our ruin and rot.

Our schools dumb us down. Our laws breed injustice. Our banks indenture us. Our hospitals perpetuate disease. Corporations ride roughshod over the masses. All while what passes for a government seeks our enslavement.

The most agreeable slave is the one who knows nothing of his own bondage and servitude.

All of this is error.

There are rules in this world, regulations for our well-being. We are designed to live be these laws, by natures laws.

Life has thrived on this planet for eons. Each species fitting carefully into its own biological niche, unless it has been displaced by other means. Each has its own habitats and conditions, elements that are key to its survival. They know when to eat, to sleep, and to procreate because they are fine-tuned to the cycle of the seasons and to the revolutions of this spinning celestial sphere.

Each creature since the beginning of time has lived and died in its natural environs. When the situation changes, the species changes or, more often the case, it perishes. Then man comes along. He’s the only creature clever enough to make a completely artificial environment for which to inhabit. He’s also the only one dumb enough to willingly live in it.

When a houseplant begins to wither away you change its environment and conditions or else it will die. Man can not seem to grasp that he is that dying houseplant, violating the terms and conditions for his own survival

When you break natural law, there are dire consequences.

The very foundation of our modern world is built upon the infringement of these laws. It can not exist in its current form without their transgression.

Our biology is designed perfectly for this world, in its natural unmolested state. Our circadian cycles and internal clocks are meant to be yoked to the changing rhythms of the sun in order to regulate our internal processes and operations. The release and regulations of our hormones, the functioning of our immune system, the fluctuations in our brainwaves as well as almost every metabolic process is controlled by these clocks. Yet we now live under a multitude of alien suns, creating chaos within.

What do you think it does to your body when you stare at blue-lit screens before turning off the light for bed? To your body, the signals went from 12 noon to midnight in an instant. Yet you wonder why you can’t sleep. Your body works off the clock and the clock has no earthly clue what time it is. Hormones are released at the wrong times or not at all. You can’t sleep and you can’t wake up. You gain weight, your blood pressure rises, you’re stricken with autoimmune disorders and worse. You are sowing disorder within yourself.

Our cells and their mitochondria all function in relation to frequencies, which are tied again to the cycles of the sun. They are meant to operate at particular vibrational states. Yet, we barrage them with an array of incongruous signals and waves. Frequencies which effect those very cellular vibrational states, to disastrous ends.

Wireless technology is one of the worst afflictions to ever befall life on this planet. With each passing day, we add more and more to the toxic soup we now call our atmosphere. Through WiFi, Bluetooth, Cell towers, and the coming assault of 5G we are literally microwaving ourselves to death.

We douse our food in toxic chemicals while modifying their genome to unknown ends. We torture animals in factory farms until you can almost taste the fear in their flesh. We purchase pre-packaged assortments of artificial additives that are more science experiment than sustenance. Our biology is meant to function in relation to our local environment and yet we consume food grown far afield of our homes furth ingraining the synchronizational dysfunction.

Our food is not fit to eat. Our wells have been poisoned. Our very nourishment turns to ash in our mouth.

We have become strangers in a strange land.

All of this is error.

We blind ourselves with artificial light. We abuse the electromagnetic spectrum. We drink fluoridated water full of pharmaceuticals. We eat unnatural food and live unnatural lives. We ignore our true nature by ignoring nature itself, forgetting that it is it in which we have come.

Whether we are a dumb animal with a clever trick or clever animal with a dumb trick is a moot point. The only way forward is the way in which we came. It is to return to the principles and to the wisdom of this pale blue ball spinning in the glow of elysian light.

It is to let the suns rays kiss our bare skin and entrain our eyes. It is to walk barefoot on the soil and sand, absorbing its electrical embrace. It is to eat proper local food in accordance with the seasons. It is to drink pure clean water, untainted by fluoride and pharmaceutical waste. It is to distance ourselves and mitigate the onslaught of vibrational clandestine warfare being carried out against the ignorant masses. It is to govern our thoughts and emotions towards positive inclinations, shunning the dark pull of cynicism.

You can not force man into a box he was never meant to fit. You can not make him deny his very essence and abandon who he is. The bending branch always snaps back towards equilibrium. We are reaching our zenith with the impending correction inevitable.

Man is a warrior.

But the war we now wage is at once spiritual, physical, and technological.

There is only one thing that is clear. Strength is the only virtue.

Strengthen yourself. Strengthen yourself against the daily onslaught of environmental insults and pernicious cultural conditioning. Bath yourself in natures wisdom so as to entrain your biology with its correct call.

Strengthen your body for all that may come your way. Be it war or peace, feast, or famine. Train yourself to the peak of your power. Grow your muscles, tendons, and ligaments strong. Move with agility and grace. Push yourself to your limits so that you may endure.

Reclaim your health. It is yours and yours alone. You can not rely on a system that grows fat off of your infirmity to truly be in your best interest.

Mankind is a vibrant fascinating thing. Paradoxically its frailty is only matched by its strength and cunning. Understanding the juxtaposition of its deficiencies against its durability is the very heart of the human condition.

Either everything matters or nothing matters. There is no in-between.

If you choose the former it is only right to develop yourself to the very pinnacle of your potential. To reclaim your body from the scrap heap of disillusionment and false perceived futility. To forge it through fire and furry. To offer your disguise as immolation to your greater self. To become you. You without the veils and facades that obscure your true actuality, the full realization of a unique soul.

All else is error.

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