Why We Fail – The Real Reason Most People NEVER Reach Greatness

Most people do not want to be exceptional.

They don’t want to be extraordinary or remarkable or a master of anything.

They may think that they do.

But they don’t. Not really.

What people really like is the idea of greatness. It’s an idea they can play with and mentally entertain. They can turn it over and over in their head, fantasizing about it, about what it would be like to be a great leader, a talented virtuoso or a brilliant luminary. But, that’s where the dream ends, in their head.

In order for someone to transcend themselves, their mediocrity, and the status quo, the dream has to walk into the waking world. It has to be made manifest through discernible action and intransigent resolve.

It requires ridiculous amounts of hard work, dedication, and flashes of intense inspiration.

It also requires immense vulnerability. Truly working towards anything outside of rote normalcy, outside of the common convention, opens you up to ridicule, mockery, and the slings and arrows of critics who have never dared what you now dare. Nor do they have any inkling of your true character.

If there’s one thing people love more than a success story, it’s watching someone fail. Because deep down it makes them feel better about their own perceived lack.

The very act of striving for anything encapsulates within it the very possibility of its failure.

It is important to have a reckoning with failure. If you can accept the possibility of your own defeat then you can also conceive of its opposite. Complete and total success only comes from an absolute and obstinate refusal of failure.

But you have to accept something in order to accurately define it. Only once you have a crystal clear understanding of what failure means for you, can you then choose to reject it. But you can not truthfully reject what you do not understand.

What will you lose by not rising above your own inhibitions? What legacy will you sacrifice to ambivalence and apathy? What dreams will die if you fail? If you can define what failure is you can then define what success is. You can not know light without darkness nor can you know love without also knowing hate. It is only in understanding somethings opposite that you can know it’s true nature.

Do not perish for lack of vision.

That knowledge enables you to define your authentic mission in this world. It helps you to clearly discern and interpret your true purpose.

You know what you have to do, what is ingrained in you to do. You are committed to fulfilling your destiny. You know that you can not and should not give even a second to naysayers and to destructive unproductive criticism.

It is important to stay singularly focused because you will have detractors that can make you question your mission, your purpose, and even yourself.

But you can not quit.

The gifts that God gave you are unique to you and to you alone.

What do you think is more offensive, to upset a couple of cynics or to hide the full scope of your vision and your talents? It is the height of inane insanity to snuff out the flame that burns in your breast in order to please others who you are incapable of satisfying, no matter what lengths you are willing to go to.

All the while, dying inside.

You can not give any mental space to those who doubt you, who don’t believe in you and who wish you ill.

You will never be good enough for some people. So, why try to please someone who is incapable of being pleased? It’s an absurd notion.

Instead, work only to please yourself and to fulfill your purpose. Do what you do so well, that others begin to pay attention. Be so brilliant that others are forced to pay attention.

It is not easy.

You have to be willing to work at it, endlessly and indefatigably. You have to be driven, passionate and burn with supreme dedication. You have to refuse failure and defeat and turn a blind eye towards your critics.

This mad push towards your own self-actualization, to the ultimate realization of who you are and who you can be, is your greatest work. It requires everything you have. It’s work on top of pain on top of more work, day in and day out.

This is why most people have no real interest in being exceptional.

In a world where instant gratification isn’t fast enough, this is a journey that takes a lifetime.

The Rogue King is obsessed with the pursuit of personal exceptionalism, of mastery of oneself, of ones craft, and of ones world.

It is an endless pursuit of greatness. It is to go rogue against a society that has grown complacent in both actions and in thought. It is to rebel against a world that has grown weak and incompetent. It is to rule over yourself and your world consciously with deliberate grace and skill. It is to assume complete and utter responsibility over yourself and everything in your life.

We create our world and our reality through our thoughts and our actions. It is only by changing ourselves can we ever hope to change the world.

Most in this life settle for mediocrity and cold comfort. They are a master of nothing and they devote themselves to nothing.

They avoid uncertainty and struggle, forfeiting personal glory and gain.

In this world, a sickness has set in.

A sickness of indifference and harmful malicious conditioning.

Personally, I am exceptional at nothing.

I am a master of nothing.

I haven’t contributed anything of any real worth to this world.

However, I choose to fight back against my failure and go rogue against this plight of normalcy and lowered standards. I choose to strive for greatness from this day forward. I choose to not live a life squandered on fear and frivolity.

I choose greatness.

What do you choose?

What will your life mean?

What will your legacy be?

Will people speak your name long after your gone?

Or will you be lost to the pages of history and to the winds of time?

What will your death mean?

Will your life be defined by glory or anonymity.

What do you choose?


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